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One important aspect of life is having a trustworthy mechanic that can take care of your vehicles needs. More than ever before, a vehicle owner in Salt Lake City must have a reliable local car repair or service center for their automobile. Aposhian Garage is that local garage located in Salt Lake City that has been assisting happy customers since 1928. You can schedule an appointment with Aposhian Garage for the following auto repair services:

Auto Repair Services Salt Lake City, Utah

Minor Car Repair In Salt Lake City

Minor auto repairs are those repairs that can cause nuisances if the driver does not tend to them. They can also develop into larger problems if that vehicle owner isn’t careful. Some examples of minor auto repairs consist of serpentine belt replacements, U-Joint replacements and alternator services. You may also view an air conditioning recharge as a minor repair. A certified mechanic at Aposhian Garage in Salt Lake City can help you with any of the above-mentioned procedures so that you can operate a safe and reliable vehicle.

Major Auto Repairs In Salt Lake City

Major auto repairs are repairs that need attention immediately. Most of them require a professional mechanic. Some examples of Major Car Repairs include fuel pumps, head gaskets, engine replacement and repairs, transmission rebuilds and repairs, radiator repairs, timing belt repairs etc. You may choose to have a reliable establishment like Aposhian Garage complete such services. Aposhian Garage employs certified specialists who care immensely about the condition of their clients’ vehicles. We strive for perfection and affordability when it comes to serve the needs of the community.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory Scheduled Maintenance procedures are scheduled procedures that each manufacturer recommends to its vehicle owners. The manufacturers intended to extend the life of each consumer’s vehicle by suggesting intervals for maintenance procedures. Aposhian has a list of maintenance services that it follows for each manufacture. The list includes procedures such as oil changes, air filter replacements, tire balancing, radiator flushing to name a few. We are delighted to provide maintenance procedures to clients that request them so before you spend your next paycheck at the dealership call Aposhian and schedule a maintenance check-up.

Schedule an Appointment Today

You can schedule an appointment for repair or maintenance services today. The office provides three convenient ways for a person to get help with his or her vehicle. The first way is by sending a short form located on the contact us page of the website. The second way is by calling 801-467-3344. The third way is to send an email to All methods of contact are reliable and will provoke a return contact during which you can schedule an appointment. Our certified technicians will provide you with prompt professional service that will show you why our great reputation is longstanding in the area.

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Aposhian Garage has an over 90-year-old tradition of excellent auto service and repairs that has been passed down through four generations of family and loyal employees. Locally owned and family operated we treat every customer like family. We are your one-stop-shop for auto repairs, maintenance, emissions and inspections, and factory-recommended service. We invite you to stop by or call us at 801-467-3344.

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