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Why is a routine oil change so important?

Routine oil changes are inexpensive but are necessary to keep your car from having critical issues later down the road. This is because engine oil plays an important role in the ongoing operation and performance of your vehicle.

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Engine oil is responsible for important aspects of your car's operation:

  • Keeping engine parts lubricated to prevent wear and friction
  • Cooling engine parts
  • Protecting against rust and corrosion

How often should my car's oil be changed?

Your car's odometer is the best gauge for determining when your oil should be changed, at face value. But one driver may drive 5000 miles per month, while another drives 300 miles per month. Obviously, the driver using a car more will need more frequent oil changes than one whose vehicle remains in park for most of the day. A cars oil can be changed about every 3000 miles, with some special performance brands ranging beyond every 15,000 miles, but based on how often the vehicle is used this can vary. Other factors affecting the frequency of your oil changes include desert heat, use of your vehicle for towing of a trailer or boat, and driving in dusty, sandy environments common to our surroundings. Aposhian Garage can help you determine a proper oil change schedule according to your vehicle and frequency of use.

Oil Changes Are Crucial Car Maintenance

Because changing the oil is a critical aspect of routine car maintenance, it is important to make sure your vehicle is up to date with its oil services. We will recommend the right oil for your car and driving circumstances, as well as the expected time frame for oil change frequency.  Of course, if your car cannot be driven into our shop, we offer a towing service to get it here. Our certified automotive technicians are ready to provide the services you need to keep your vehicle in top performance condition. When our mechanic changes your oil, we will also inspect your vehicle to ensure everything else is working well and notify you of any potential problems.

Service You Can Trust

One thing that our customers love about Aposhian Garage in Salt Lake City is that we firmly believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction. We also believe in integrity and honesty. This is why we ensure you are aware of any issues with your automobile or needed repairs requiring immediate attention. We perform all factory recommended routine maintenance to keep your car in top shape. Some of our routine maintenance services include:

  • Fluid checks and top off
  • Oil change and filter change
  • Brake and tire inspections
  • Much more!
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